Slot Review: Fishin’ For Even Bigger Payouts

GameBurger Studios’ Fishin’ Bigger Pots of Gold is a Microgaming–powered online slot game scheduled for release in August 2022.

The game is an update/sequel to the famous online slot Fishin Pots of Gold, which also featured an underwater fishing minigame with a maximum payout of 7,500x.

Modeling a Slot

The gameboard for Fishin’ Bigger Pots of Gold, a video slot machine found on the internet, consists of the typical 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed paylines.

The game has a 96.05% RTP and a very high volatility.

During the bonus round, the number of paylines increases from 10 to 20, which affects the RTP.

Since the Free Spins feature can be bought, its RTP varies according on the number of spins you buy: 96.22% for 10 spins, 96.01% for 15, and 96.13% for 20.

This slot is great for a broad variety of gamers because the lowest stake each spin is only $0.20 and the maximum is $25.00.

GameBurger Studios has a lot of expertise, so their slots always look great, and they’ve selected what’s probably the greatest layout for bet selection, so players can make their choices with a single click.

Quick Spin may be activated through the options menu, or activated immediately from the gameboard by clicking the bunny icon in the lower right.

We may silence the sound or the music independently using the three choices available in the settings menu.

The interface is crisp and well-designed, as is typical of slots from Gameburger Studio; the animations of the backdrop and symbols are particularly impressive.

Video Slot Functions

Collect Symbol Substitution: The collect symbol may stand in for any other icon in the game aside from the free spins and jackpot ones. The icon appears only on reel 5 during the main game, but it appears on all reels during the bonus round. This function is activated when this symbol is landed. The cash and jackpot symbols that have been landed are awarded when the collect symbol is spun. In the base game, the jackpot symbols might appear on reels 1, 3, and 4. Prizes for the cash symbol can reach 1000x, while the jackpots range from 15x to 50x to 750x to 7500x.

This is an extremely volatile slot, so the feature hits frequently, but the payouts are hit-or-miss.

The Fish Flurry bonus round is triggered whenever a collect symbol appears during a losing spin. To the reels come anything from one to five money symbols, which are then gathered.

During free spins, you can purchase the UpsizerTM function for an extra cost to increase your cash multiplier. Above a specific betting limit, this function may be disabled. If free spins were purchased via the BUY option, you also CANNOT utilize this function.

The prices for a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x are 8.6x, 29.1x, 68.30x, and 85.30x, respectively.

To win 10, 15, or 20 free games, you need to land 3, 4, or 5 free spin symbols. During the bonus round, the board size increases to 5 by 5, and an extra 10 paylines become active. The Accumulation Trail is a bonus that appears both before and after the free games begin.

We went for the 10x Upsizer since the payouts are substantial, but there’s always the potential that you won’t get a collect symbol at all. We only got two in ten spins, but it was enough to win us 50.50 times our wager. The gameboard has a chance of winning a 1000x cash reward during Free Spins.

Because collect symbols may occur on any reel during free games, not only reel 5, players can build up an accumulation trail with every sign that lands. The player receives an additional 5 free spins and the cash multiplier rises by one for every three collect symbols they amass. The following are the monetary multipliers for each gathered symbol: Multipliers range from 1x for 0-2 symbols to 2x for 3-5 symbols to 3x for 6-8 symbols to 5x for 9-11 symbols to 10x for 12 symbols. Values represented by monetary symbols can be multiplied by the factor.

Unfortunately, there was no collect icon to help us win the 1,000x award. Together, we scored six collect symbols and made it up three levels of the accumulation trail.

When UpsizerTM is unavailable, the Buy function lets you to easily purchase 10, 15, or 20 more spins.

Ten spins cost 75x, fifteen spins cost 120x, and twenty spins cost 150x.


An excellent online slot, Fishin’ Bigger Pots of Gold is a welcome improvement over its predecessor.

The game retains its superior sights, sound, and gameplay while increasing the stakes and adding additional features.

If there are any fishing enthusiasts out there, this is one of the slots we suggest (possibly even more than the original Fishin’ Pots of Gold slot).

Our newest slot machine, Fishin’ Pots of Gold Gold Blitz, is an improved successor to the original game.






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