Overview of the Slot Game Savannah Drums

Savannah Drums is a slot game from SG Digital with an African safari theme. Not the most creative setting for a slot machine, but executed well, it’s easy to understand why it’s been used so often. For African-lovers, the good news is that SG has mostly succeeded. The environment is relaxing, the scenery is beautiful, and the features may be both entertaining and lucrative.

Savannah Drums’ scenery isn’t very novel, but SG Digital has done an excellent job of making it appear presentable. The typical water feature is there, along with the waving grass and high-branched acacia trees that are ubiquitous in Africa. In the distance, we can see mountains, and the sky is blue with only a few clouds. Savannah Drums has enough pep to make most African slot fans feel at home, with a lively Walt Disney-like visual style and an equally enthusiastic music.

SG has positioned a 5-reel, 4-row action area, with 20 paylines, smack dab in the center of this African utopia. The game’s medium volatility was misrepresented in our playtests, when Savannah Drums often knocked us out of the game before rewarding us with a comeback bonus. The Super Bet feature gives players the opportunity to theoretically boost the frequency of bonuses. When this is deactivated, bets are between 20 percent and £/€200; when it’s on, such bets are doubled. The implications of Super Bet are described here, and the sole RTP specified is 96.1% whether Super Bet is on or off.

In order to win, you need to get at least three identical symbols in a row, starting on the leftmost reel. Vultures, elephants, rhinoceroses, and lions are worth 2.5 to 7.5 times your bet, whereas wood constructed 9-A royals are on the bottom end of the pay scale. There are several symbols in Savannah Drums that may substitute for others to form winning combinations, and there is also a special “wild” symbol that can appear on any of the reels to do the same.

Slot Game Featuring Savannah Drums

Many elements, including recurrent drum modifiers in both the main and free spins modes, are included in Savannah Drums.

Dispersed Symbols

The bonus icon acts as a wild, scatter, and appears on all reels. When you get 2 of them, you get a Drum multiplier, and when you get 3, you get free spins. However, with the Super Bet in play, you only need one bonus symbol to activate a Drum multiplier, or two for free games.

Drum Changers

There are four possible outcomes in the base game when Drum modifiers are activated:

Bonus spins are an option.

One or more reels in the game’s interface become wild.

One or more low-paying symbols are chosen at random and upgraded to wilds.

All Wins Activates a 2x-10x Win Multiplier.

Bonus Turns

You can win them by using the Drum modifier, or you can activate them by getting at least 2 or 3 bonus symbols in view, depending on whether or not the Super Bet is enabled. If the feature is activated by additional bonus symbols, the initial win multiplier is increased by 2 or 3.

During free games, the bonus symbol appears exclusively on reel 5; when it does, a Drum modifier is chosen at random and applied; this modifier stays in place for the remainder of the bonus round. They may include:

Relocating Wild Reels that stay in play between spins.

With All Wins, you may get a multiplier of up to x10 on your wins.

As we’ve seen, low-paying symbols may be transformed into wilds using wild symbols.

With the help of the Eliminator, a low-paying symbol will no longer appear throughout the remaining free games.

Free spins are given out at random. Instead, if a Sunrise Symbol appears on reel 5, the bonus round will continue for one more spin.

Result of the Slot Trial in Savannah

Though the African savannah has been done to death in slot machines, Savannah Drums is still a solid option for those who want to relax in the great outdoors while spinning the reels. It has a similar feel to Spirit of the River or Yahana’s Rite, but it’s simpler and the action moves along more smoothly. SG succeeds in most respects. The art style is pleasant; everything is bathed in a warm light, and the flaming eye totem thing lends the animals an air of mystery that would be at home in a Native American video game.

Savannah Drums includes a wide variety of modifications, including full reel wilds, extra wilds, multipliers, and the removal of symbols. In what may be very long free spin rounds, there are obvious possibilities in the way modifiers persist and bounce off of one other, only to be ruined by the appearance of the terrible Sunrise Symbol. Even though we were just able to scratch the surface throughout the review, the results were promising. The statistics show that incredible things may occur on this savannah, with a maximum exposure of £/€250,000 and a maximum win of 24,995x your bet.

Overall, playing via Savannah Drums was a fun experience. Tension was running high and not in a good way after reviewing Dave Lame, so the prospect of the next SG release was met with a touch of apprehension. But then there came a well-executed slot that put everyone at ease. Even if Savannah Drums doesn’t change the way you look at nature games forever, it’s still a fun experience.






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